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I've always been fascinated by the idea that thousands people can stand together and share the same emotions, at the same time, each in their own way. The greats - Mehldau, Jarrett, Grimaud, Horowitz, Radiohead, James Blake, Jon Hopkins & so many others - are capable, through what they give and the way they give it, to lead us to the immanence, brought by the fervor of their love message.

A strange and overwhelming feeling, brief, but real, of living all together in the beauty.


Since I was a kid, it's always been my true belief that this can happen in everyday life as long as people care for one another.


This place is yours. It's ours.



I started making music when I was six years old, teaching myself how to play the piano and the drums. At age nineteen, I founded a jazz band, J.S.Trio, composing songs and playing piano for the group. We won several prizes and were given the opportunity to record an album : Untitled. It was well received and we performed it on stage, opening for such well-known acts as Avishai Cohen.


Around that time, Music Box Publishing signed several songs from the album, which introduced me to the wider world of soundtracks.

This now represents an important part of my work. As a composer, producer, performer or curator I've been able to collaborate with different media & industry : cinema, radio, art, fashion and luxury. This has led me to compose and produce orchestral, electronic and jazz music as much as hip hop & sound design.


Nevertheless, whether I play at a jazz festival, a fashion show or Djing for hip hop act, what I love most is performing. That said, I released my solo project under moniker H E L M A U D in 2017 with debut EP "Lucilius". Followed hip hop beats "Prodddiction"  tape in Mai 2020.

Hope to be performing somewhere near you soon.




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