" Opening with an unstoppable attitude and the jangle piano keys to highlight it, ​‘Hey Boi !’ ​is created to raise eyebrows and send a message. ​DIXIE’s ​strong and powerful vocals lead the single, flirting with the bassline and adding her own reverbs to ​HELMAUD’s

dynamic production style. Encompassing an intoxicating femininity meeting a brash, in your face tone the single will be sure to make itself at home on any playlist. "  The Playground

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Helmaud by Jonathan Tegbeu
Helmaud by Quentin Chamard-Bois
Helmaud by Noor Fattal
Helmaud by Ryan Doubiago
Helmaud by Ryan Doubiago
Helmaud by Noor Fattal
HxD by Quentin Chamard-Bois
Prodddiction Tape
Lucilius EP Cover
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Influenced by the likes of jazz pianist as Brad Mehldau & classical repertory along with Jon Hopkins & Sepalcure, debut EP Lucilius, gave a taste of subdued introspective moods driven by filtered vocals & pianos on some UK & hip-hop  beats.

With different featuring from Pop to HipHop with NY rapper M.Sayyid of legendary Antipop Consortium or Fabienne Débarre of Evergreen, Lucilius proposes several shades of inner emotions.

All tracks

Mixed by Sean Oakley - Los Angeles
Except "I Know Your Game" & "Too Late" mixed by Sean Oakley & Philippe Thuillier
Mastering by Alex Gopher, Translab - Paris April 2016  Lyrics & Credits

Photo Marta Csillik - Artwork Beatscuit


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